About Nikki Starr & Femme X Studios

    In 1994 Michelle Johnson started a website called Michelle's Mid Day Break which evolved into an internet sensation. Michelle was getting so many requests from those that wanted to look more feminine that she opened Miss Vicotria's Feminine Illusions with her business partner Victoria. The business was wildly successful transforming 100s of girls each year. In 2001 Victoria moved out of Dallas and Michelle continued the business for a short time and then closed the doors based on the bad economy of 2001/2002

    In 2001 Michelle changed her name to Nikki Starr and embarked on a new beginning based on positive life changes. For 5 years she enjoyed traveling, meeting people and staying active in the community. Then in 2008 a friend expressed interest in re-opening the transformation studio. So Femme X Studios was established. Old names put aside and a new journey began.

    The Femme X Studios name reflects a new and exciting approach to transforming boys into girls, or enhancing a girls feminine qualities. FXS has many experienced associates that specialize in each of our services to insure that we are able to provide you the perfect feminine experience. Nikki will be there to guide you as you embark or continue on your wonderful adventure.

    Nikki is also very involved with the Dallas G.E.A.R organization, plays in an all girl rock band CHIX in Dallas. She also manages the largest social group in Texas called Dallas Feminine Expressions If you decide to select the Girls Night or Girls Day out Nikki will take the lead and take you out on the town. Nikki has wonderful relationships with restaurants, bars, and retail shops around town. She has the experience and knowledge to make venturing out in public a truly wonderful experience.

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